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The Club provides training for all handlers and their dogs from puppy classes and beginners through to various levels of obedience training. Rally Obedience (Rally O) and Agility training is also available if you would like to continue working with your dog.

Note: Training Not Held

Public Holidays

No training will be held on public holidays or on long weekends where the Sunday or the Monday is the public holiday. However, sometimes informal/fun sessions are held on the Sunday of a long weekend around the same times as normal classes so check the Notices on the Home page.


Heat Policy

If the temperature on the ground reaches 33 degrees celcius, all training will cease and only recommence if the temperature drops below 33 degrees celcius.


Our dedicated Obedience Training Instructors are fully qualified having completed an intensive training course which is held over a number of months.

Agility Training


Agility is a fast paced but fun activity with you directing your dog around an obstacle course consisting of jumps, tunnels, etc to beat the clock.  It's a great energy release for your dog but also helps them to become more confident and responsive to your commands.

Foundation training is an on lead class with your dog learning the start line, touch behaviours and rear end awareness then progressing to off lead in more advanced classes. Before you join the Foundation class we require your dog to be a minimum age of 12 months and have the ability (but not essential) to do the basic stay, heel and recall. You will need to have a flat collar for your dog (no tags or anything that dangles), treats (cut small) and a toy that is easy to throw for your dog.

Agility Training Times


Foundation                            9.00am

Intermediate/Experienced   10.00am

Wednesdays (pm)

Foundation                            7.45pm

Intermediate/Experienced     8.30pm

Obedience Training


Obedience training teaches you to train your dog so it becomes a happy member of the family and the community.  Classes are conducted in groups enabling your dog to socialise with other dogs and helps you establish a positive relationship with your dog while it learns  good behaviour at the same time.

Obedience Training Times


Puppy Class                        10.30am

First Day Members              11.30am

First Day Puppies                11.30am

Beginners One to Four        11.30am

Pink                                     10.30am

Green                                  10.30am

Yellow                                    9.30am

Blue                                       9.30am

Wednesdays (am) *

Beginners One to Four        11.30am

Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue    12.30pm

* Check Notices (Home page) as Wednesday morning training ceases over the colder months.


Wednesdays (pm)

First Day Members                8.30pm

Beginners One to Four          7.30pm

Pink                                       8.30pm

Green                                    8.30pm

Yellow                                    8.30pm

Blue                                       8.30pm

Rally O Training


Rally O is a fun sport for you and your dog to work together as a team performing various obedience exercises over a set course.


The Club has a Rally O course set up for individual use on Wednesdays (pm) and Sundays. We also have skilled Rally O members who can provide assistance if needed.

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