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Wednesday daytime classes will resume on March 6th
subject to weather conditions being favorable. See Facebook or this space for changes.

Obedience Training

Training Times

First Day Training and
New Registrations

You will need:

1. Your vaccinations certificate from your vet.

2. Your dog on a standard collar, or control  collar (martingale) or correction chain. 

We do not train using a harness or halti.

No clickers, squeaky or tug toys in class.


First day m​embers

Sunday 11.00am to register for 11.30 class Wednesday 8.00pm to register for 8.30 class


​Sun   9.30am Blue Yellow.

Sun 10.30am Pink, Green and puppies

Sun 11.30 Beginners 1, 2 3. First day members

Wed Beginners 11.30am, Colors 12.30pm

Wed Beginners 7.30pm, Colors 8.30pm,

First Day Members at 8.30 earlier to register

​more details at Training Page click here

I know it's obvious but...........
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Update on Club dates:

- End of year Christmas break up and Presentation Sunday 3rd December after classes (roughly 12:00pm)

Members are invited to a BBQ and salad lunch to finish the year and celebrate the members who have gained titles this year.

- Last Sunday training session 10th December

- Last Wednesday training sessions 13th December

We will resume on Wed 31st January 2024 for night training and Sunday 4th February for day training.

Congratulations to all the section winners at the

October 23 members testing day.

A successful day with a large entry and a lot of passes. It was great to see standard that most have achieved. We had a vast range of dog breeds and proven that all can be trained. Keep up the great work and get ready for the next one in March 24

Events Coming Up

Open Obedience & Rally Trial
 16th March

No free running

Grounds are Open

for free running


Next Member Testing Day is

Sunday 15th October 2023

10.00am start, Normal classes

are cancelled except 
first day members.


Testing classes are:

Beginners to Pink

Pink to Green
Green to Yellow

Yellow to Blue

Entry forms available now. $3.00

When temperature reaches 33 degrees all training stops.

Training Tickets will be available
at the outside window on Sunday mornings as pre Covid times.

Works are complete and the 

garden bed has been completed

New aluminium benches have

also been installed and looking great.

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