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Training Times

First Day Training

​Sun   11.30am

Wed  11.30am & 8.30pm

Please arrive at least 30 mins early for member registration

Obedience Training

​Sun commencing   9.30am

Wed commencing 11.30am & 7.30pm

Individual class times are listed on the Training Page




Happy 90th Birthday

The club would like to congratulate Ross Hunt on his 90th birthday.

Ross is our oldest active member having joined in 1962 and has

served the club in many ways since then. Thanks you Ross!!!

(What was he doing on his birthday? Selling training tickets.)

Training is back

Sunday training and Wednesday Night training is now back.

Wednesday mid-day training will re-start on the 2nd of February.


As per Covid19 rules, all members attending training classes will have to be fully vaccinated and this is a condition of entry during training times. The club will be checking proof of vaccination  and checking in with a QR code is also a requirement. Outside of training times, it is the responsibility of each member to comply with Covid19  laws.

AGM Report 2021
Board of management elections &
Review of Operations
To Download
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Wednesday Night Classes
Beginners at 7.30pm

Advanced classes at 8.30pm
First day Members 8.30pm

Sunday Morning Classes
Yellow & Blue at 9.30am

Pink, Green & Puppies at 10.30am
First day Members 11.30am

Beginners 1,2,3 & 4 at 11.30am


      Club Windcheaters reduced to $40

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